It's a high five for Bird!

My first born, my baby bird, has just turned 5! WTH
This year, as Christmas decorating, crafts, and festivities came to a close, I turned my attention to the looming birthday. It seemed impossible to me, yet it really was so, and as I cannot convince him to STOP growing, we needed to have a party. I suggested a Superhero party where everyone could make their own capes to take home as their favor. One mention of crafts, and he was in! (he IS mine, after alll) I reserved an amazing park, and started dreaming. Here are some images.
Dessert table just waiting for the cake...
I had this "engineer print" done at Staples for under $4! Word!
The pennant banner, I made by cutting comic books (ordered from ebay) into triangles and sewing them together with a pre-folded blanket binding. Easy and one of a kind!
I wanted to avoid any of the commercial superheroes, opting for a generic, kind of old school "super" decor. The Missoni -like tablecloth fabric reminded me of the classic POW! BAM! artwork. Multi-colored lanterns, balloons, and a rainbow "5" pinata rounded out the scheme. I did want to make our own pinata, but we just ran out of time, so we had one delivered to our door by the kind people at Party City. (Learning to let go...)
Cape Making!
Veggie Sliders
                      I really was quite in love with my sprinkle cake. It was chocolate of course...
Have you made Marshmallow pops yet?? Soooo simple, but put on a stick and dipped in sprinkles, instant fancy party. I presented them poked into blocks of floral foam from the dollar store wrapped up in coordinating stripey wrapping paper!
I peeled the labels off of water bottles and popped on some chevron duct tape that I had in the craft closet . Finally a use for it!

I set up games out on the lawn for any kiddos who felt like playing. A 3 legged race and the egg and spoon are classics!
We set up a photo op with a cloud paper background and a tripod for parents to simply shoot and click. I photo-shopped them after!
The Thank you card...

And he's 5. Oy.
xo Melanie


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