Indian & elephant birthday party in the park!

As crazy as it is to believe, my baby turned one in May (sniff). I knew I wanted to honor him with a party, but what kind? I found the perfect answer in a joint first birthday party!
My gorgeous co-host Ani and her babes are Indian, so immediately I knew the theme. When she volunteered to make all of the delicious Indian food, leaving me to the sweets and decor, I found a marriage made in heaven!
I designed an invite, but ultimately ended up using Pingg online invitations. 
Awesomely, I could use my design! And we were off!
I chose the beautiful Kings Road Park, in West Hollywood,  again after having Big bro's Superhero Party here. It's magical.
 The yummy guests of honor!
                  And the yummy fooooood. Seriously, people were drooling. Ani and her brother Alex, really knocked it out of the park (ha ha no pun intended...)

Because we were in a park, and not all of it was grass, I created a baby area for wee ones not yet walking. Of course, most of the mamas ended up here too...
 . I created the backdrop for the dessert table from a ton of streamers and gold fringe. I found the tutorial here.
I have to say, it was pretty rad (and easy!).
Rolled in sprinkles, and put onto stripey straws, these mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches from Trader Joes, become precious pops!   
 My favorite chocolate cake recipe
 Spray painted toy elephants gave a whimsical elegance.
Yes, you read that correctly... Cake batter Rice Krispie treats. Word.
Needless to say, candy coated, sprinkled, jumbo marshmallow pops were a huge hit.
 Hanging shots of baby's first year
Pretty Ani and Flash's fellow birthday boy. 
Clearly obvious which ones here are the Indian wannabes...
I lost both smash cakes during transport to the park, but cupcakes did the job just fine!
 I got gigantic balloons for the high chairs, and made streamers for them from tissue poms, ribbon and fringe.
One of my favorite details. I cut the boy's names from this awesome glitter card stock, and hand sewed it onto bakers twine with poms. These got thrown away, and I literally cried...
 I filled clear balloons with confetti. Hung upside down, they looked sweet when the wind blew. All of the kids wanted one, but they had a HUGE disclaimer... 
They pop: confetti everywhere!
Elephant Bean Bag Toss
 Homemade bubbles and wands are a breeze, and turned out to be really effective!
Big Sisters!

Simple Thank You bags were filled with Animal Crackers and yogurt covered stars

It was a lovely party. And our babies are ONE
xo Melanie
Thanks so much to Karen Steyr for the fabulous photos!

Want me to do YOUR next party? Leave me a message!